Best Water Softener – UK Buyer’s Guide & Review

Most residential locations in the UK suffer from a certain extent of hard water. This annoying problem accumulates dirt and sand on the surface of sinks and bathtubs and damages pipes and appliances like dishwashers and washer dryers.

Hard water is not only an issue for your laundry machine, but it also means you will wash your bathroom more regularly.

Sometimes hard, mineral-rich water can have toxins; hence, utilising the best water softener in the UK is crucial to keeping you and your family healthy. But which softeners do you go for?

This article focuses on the best water softeners in the UK, their features and the advantages and disadvantages of each product so that you can find the best water softener for your needs.

Eddy Water Descalers

Although technically not an electronic softener, the Eddy Water softener is a great option. Essentially, this water softener removes all the metal that would result in limescale without removing other healthy minerals and vitamins in the water.

Eddy electronic water softener is very easy to install and also eco-friendly. Therefore, it has a much smaller effect on the environment. This softener ensures that limescale does not build up or damage your pipes. This method is cost-effective since it uses less electricity and requires no salt; however, it can be too mild if you want softer, highly purified water.

Compared to a regular water softener, it utilises a magnetic field to prevent lime from reaching the showers and sinks. Although it does not remove the hardness of the water, it changes its composition so that the lime does not stick to any of the showers or sinks. This is to ensure that magnesium and calcium, which may have health benefits, remain relatively unchanged.

Also, this salt-free softener does not function well with lead conduits; therefore, you may have to replace many of the connectors or find another solution that may be convenient.


  • Does not require salt, making it easy to use.
  • A healthier substitute to water softeners because minerals are preserved
  • More environmentally friendly method of dealing with lime and hard water
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple to install, so anyone could do it.


  • Does not function properly on lead pipes
  • Compared to a regular water softener, it does not remove as much limescale
  • Must be installed adjacent to a power source

Our Rating: 4.0/5

Water2Buy W2B110 Softener

The W2B110 is among the smallest softening systems that are a more suitable option for smaller homes with lower water consumption.

Among the best-transferred characteristics of water softening products from this enterprise is the economic value. Once installed, it needs a little salt and is inexpensive to use. Like other softeners, the cleaning characteristic is relatively quick and works at night, so you don’t have a water problem in the morning or throughout the day.

Compared to the W2B200, this brand is much more compact and takes up much less space, which means it is among the best softener if you stay in a bed-sitter or small house. It may be easily placed under the counter without using all of the storage space. While it is still large enough to supply a large amount of softened water, a maximum of 1,250 litres per day, it is considered small compared to other water softeners from this company.

Like most water softeners, the directions for this softener are concise and clear; however, many individuals found the installation annoying. Because of this, it is probably best for someone with a lot of know-how to install a water softener.


  • Small softener that takes up little space
  • Fast, silent and automatic cleaning
  • Salt tablets that last a long time, which means you don’t have to constantly refill them
  • Economical use of electricity
  • Perfect for singles or couples


  • It can be difficult to install
  • Some individuals complained that it produced a lot of noise
  • Not fit for big families or houses

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Water2Buy W2B500

If you are searching for a water softener that is suitable for a large family home, this Water2Buy model water softener system may be what you require. The W2B500 Water Softener is a self-cleaning water filter that can deliver up to around 1,415 litres of smooth, healthy filtered water every day. It is perfect for a 4-7 person home and is completely compatible with the majority of the British boiler systems.

W2B500 can be used to soften water both outdoors and indoors to feed the filtered water throughout the property without affecting the H2O pressure. Meaning that you might still enjoy a revitalising hydro-massage shower without worrying about uncomfortable limescale. This intuitive system is designed to be cleaned at 3 am thus you don’t interrupt your everyday schedule. The cleaning cycle is also incredibly quiet, perfect if you are a light sleeper.

While this Water2Buy water softening system is fitting with the majority of homes, setting the regeneration cycle can be a little confusing. Rewind, brine, and wash options can be challenging to correct. The manual is also not very useful and seems to contradict the data on their site.

Also, be very careful when filling the device, as the lugs on the top are quite thin and can easily break. The product comes comprehensive with 3/4 ″ BSP fittings and 15 mm replacement fittings if needed. Please note that you might need to buy additional parts to set up the device contingent to your current configuration.


  • Provides up to 1,415 litres of filtered soft water per day
  • Silent self-cleaning cycle at 3 am
  • Suitable for families of 4 to 7 people
  • Does not affect water pressure
  • Easy and quick to install and also fits most British boiler systems


  • Configuring the regeneration cycle may be hard to master
  • Additional parts might be needed to install the device
  • Some plastic parts are easily damaged

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Alternative AquaHouse NSWS

This AquaHouse salt-free water softener is the substitute you are searching for to inhibit limescale. It functions well for medium/small families and may be easily installed anywhere because of its size.

After the plumber installs this product and connects it to your cold water conduits, it not only prevents contamination with 99.6% efficiency but also actively cleans the pipes to enhance water flow. You should note that this item is not compatible with warm water inlet conduits.

Since it is a salt and chemical free softener, it removes the “slippery and sticky” feeling you might experience with salt-based H2O softeners. Hence, this model is the right choice if you find this feeling unpleasant when utilising salt-based brands. Instead, it makes use of a process recognized as Template-Assisted Crystallization that breaks down the water hardness and changes it into minute crystals that can’t change or harm your H2O system. Lack of salt requirements means this device needs less conservation and misuses less water, in addition to preserving the useful minerals in the water supply.

In terms of flow capacity, AquaHouse can support households where the H2O flow rarely reaches over 8 litres per 60 seconds. Although it can withstand a maximum flow of 20 litres, it is not strongly recommended that the H2O softener undergo this load for a long time. So if you want to get over this regularly, you better choose another model. Although it provides a 3-year warranty on system mounts and parts, you should note that this warranty does not apply to filters.


  • Fabric softener free of salts and chemicals
  • Reduces wastage of water
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Descales pipes actively
  • 3-year guarantee for water softening in fixings and parts of the system


  • To make adjustments you will need a plumber
  • Not fit for hot water
  • The warranty does not cover the filters

Our Rating: 4.0/5

Tapworks AD11Meter Controlled Softener

Tapworks AD11 Softener controls total water use and removes all limescale from your household using smart tech.

This softener is designed to minimize carbon emissions. It also offers high stream rates and a notable soft water volume of 2,266 litres every day at 300 ppm. That is why the Tapworks AD11 softener is perfect for ecologically conscious people.

After installation, the softer water volume is more than adequate to provide a small home or office that can accommodate 4 – 7 people. Water softening schemes are simple to use, and an integrated 48-hour electricity loss backup system makes sure you will have access to soft water in the occurrence of a power failure.

When it comes to size, the Tapworks AD11 softener is solid enough to hide under a standard countertop, so there’s no problem. The content of the brine tank is 37 kilograms. However, please note that this is only well-suited with tablets or grains of salt.

Accessories that come with this device are 22mm. Thus, if your conduits are 15mm by default, you may require the assistance of a plumber to set up.


  • Accurately monitors water use through smart technology
  • Has a capacity of 2,266 litres at 300 ppm
  • It is fit for small houses or offices for 4 to 7 people
  • Minimises CO2 emissions
  • 48-hour backup system for power outages
  • 37 kg brine container


  • Does not have standard 15mm tubes for installation
  • Uses only pellets or tablets and does not contain granular softening salt
  • You may need a plumber to install the system

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Water2Buy W2B800 Softener

While the W2B110 is great for apartments and small houses, the W2B800 is slightly larger than that, as it can handle bigger houses. This model is suitable for the required softening volume for up to 10 individuals. It holds an average of 3,680 litres every day. This makes it an excellent option if you stay in a busier house.

W2B800 softener promises to get rid of 100% limescale without making noise or needing huge amounts of salt. It is fully compatible with combination boilers and nearly all German boiler systems, so you should have no problem with the suitability of the installation kit. Plus, it doesn’t change your H2O pressure; hence, you can take pleasure in a smooth water supply without forfeiting on pressure.

W2B800 has a fast and quiet automatic washing mode, so it doesn’t take long to clean. Smart technology ensures that the washing cycle begins automatically at night; hence, you don’t get troubled during the day, and the water is fresh and ready for use when you get up. This smart technology also ensures that as soon as you run out of salt, it starts cleansing itself more frequently, so you suddenly don’t find less water quality.

To set up this product, it takes effort and time, since it can be a bit confusing. You must also purchase connecting hoses and overflow/ drain kits independently. Because of this, it’s probably best to leave the installation to someone with the expertise, which may be tricky if you’re not one. Also, some parts might need to be replaced more frequently, which means it may be more costly to use in the long term.


  • Fast, silent and automatic cleaning
  • Can be connected to the majority of the water supply systems
  • Cleans at night
  • Regenerates as soon as the whole amount of salt is used up
  • Excellent for drinking water as it does not need a lot of salt


  • Installation equipment is not ready to use, you must first purchase extra parts
  • Complicated installation process that is not suitable for beginners
  • The run-off hose may require to be replaced regularly

Our Rating: 4.5/5