Best Travel Cot 2021 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

If you are expecting or have recently had a baby, then purchasing a travel cot in the UK is a must. Portable, easy to build and safe, travel cots can offer an alternative place for your baby to sleep soundly. There are a variety of travel cots available on the market, but to find the best travel cot for you and your baby will take time and research. You could also take some time to ask trusted friends and family for their recommendations. With a range of features and benefits attributed to each design and model, each family will have different requirements but when you find the correct fit, you’ll be sure to enjoy the product for years and years to come.

Travel Cot Buyers’ Guide

A travel cot should offer your baby a safe, secure and familiar place to sleep when you’re not at home. Not only this, but a travel cot can be used for naps and for playing outside when you are at home. Before making the investment, ask yourself how often you go away. Do you have family that live away and are likely to be visiting often? If so, then investing in a high-quality and durable cot is imperative.

There are a number of travel cots available but it depends on your requirements when making the decision on which to buy. There are lightweight cots, which tend to act like pop-up tents and heavier alternatives, which are sturdier. Both these options can be folded, however, the lightweight cot will be likely to take up less room meaning more storage space in your car. The heavier cots are more difficult to transport and move around, however, you may feel more confident leaving a mobile and active toddler in a heavy duty travel cot. You should also consider the size of the travel cot. A smaller version is less likely to be able to accommodate an older child so you may have to buy a larger cot further down the line. A large travel cot will accommodate a baby, toddler and then a small child meaning you’ll be getting your money’s worth! Don’t forget that when you buy a travel cot, it may or may not come with a thin mattress. You’ll need to bear this in mind as well as the correct-fitting sheets.

When you get your travel cot, make sure you take some time to give it a test run at home. This way, you can familiarise yourself with how it’s assembled and how the parts click into place. You should also learn how to fold the cot away and how to put it back into its bag.

There are a number of amazing travel cots out on the market, so finding the best cot is important. Durable, safe, clean and comfortable, this cot should provide a lovely place for your child to rest or play. You should also checkout our guide on the Best High Chairs.

Best Travel Cot Product Reviews

Babybjorn Travel Cot Light

This travel cot really does look the part. It’s available to buy in three different colours and even comes with its own soft mattress. This travel cot is extremely easy to set up and take down and the materials can be removed to be washed for the next trip. This cot has tremendous longevity – it can be used for babies, toddler and children up to the age of three so it really is worth the investment. The cot even comes with its own travel bag which means it’s incredibly easy to transport from one place to another.

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Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

The Red Kite Sleeptight travel cot may look simple but it takes its safety features very seriously. This product is fully tested, meaning you can be rest assured that your child can relax or play in a safe environment, as it even includes fully padded top rails. The cot is very easy to assemble, meaning you can spend even more quality time with your little one and it is also very affordable. To make transporting the cot so much easier, it comes with a bag so the material of the cot will be protected. Award-winning and made with high-quality parts, it’s easy to see why this particular cot is a firm favourite!

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Hauck Dream-n-Play Travel Cot

This fun and vibrant travel cot is a great option for those who love a bit of colour. There’s a huge selection of colour combinations when it comes to the Hauck Dream-n-Play travel cot which can also provide your child with even more stimulation. This particular travel cot can be used from birth, and with it’s mesh sides, you can keep an eye on your little one at all times. The cot comes in a practical travel bag, making it very easy to move around and transport where you need and with the inclusion of a soft and foldable mattress that is easy to keep clean, this is ideal for parents or carers. Not only this, but the cot is easy to set up and fold down after it’s been used, and feels very safe for your child to sleep or play in.

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Mothercare Tcot Travel Cot

This Mothercare Tcot Travel Cot is fantastic value for money. This cot can be easily erected and folded away and comes with its own carrying bag which means it can be stored neatly in the car or in your home. The sides are made with mesh sides so you can see your child and know that they are safe. This cot even comes with its own fold up mattress base so you can rest assured that it’ll fit your cot correctly. Providing a cosy and comfortable place for your little one to sleep, this is a fantastic option for those looking for an affordable, yet safe and secure product.

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Graco Contour Electra Travel Cot

The Graco Contour Electra travel cot is very visually pleasing, especially appealing for those of you who like to combine style with practicality. This cot has been designed to grow with your baby, from a newborn to a small child. The cot can be transformed to an easy-clean changing table which can be useful for those inevitable night time nappy changes. As well as its sleek design, the cot comes with a toy bar, keeping your little one entertained and visually stimulated. When it’s not needed, the cot folds down easily with the feature of a signature button. All you need to do is press this button and it will collapse easily and safely. Each side of the cot is made with mesh which offers your child ultimate ventilation and a way for you to see your child.

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BabyDan Travel Cot

This travel cot is on wheels meaning even easier transportation for you! The cot can be folded away into a bag and even wheeled around. It’s an extremely easy travel cot to erect and put down and with its feature of a large pouch, you can store the correct sheets or a muslin away safely. The product is made with high-quality materials meaning that it is very robust which is imperative when travelling. It can also double up as a playpen meaning you can relax, knowing your baby is playing safely.

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Spacecot SPACE2

This really is one of the best travel cots available on the market. The Spacecot was the winner of the Mother and Baby May 2017 Travel Cot Review, making it the ultimate purchase for your home or away. It is simple, extremely comfortable and lightweight meaning it can be transported and stored easily. It opens and closes with no effort and even includes a safety lock. This cot has a suspended base and even comes with its own premium mattress which should mean more sleep for your little one. The design of the cot itself has the safety of your child as a top priority. The airy material used for the sides of the cot allows you to easily spot your child and for them to be able to see you. The Spacecot can be used for napping or for playing due to the safety of the product. The materials used have been tested and are completely safe to use. The cot even comes with its own protective carry bag which means that the cot won’t be harmed during transportation. There are even two detachable levels – a travel cot for babies six months and under and then as a playpen for babies up to 30 months old. If you’re looking for an award-winning, high-quality cot, then you won’t be going far wrong with this one!

StillCool Baby Travel Bed

This is a comfortable and foldable travel cot, ideal for taking away with you on your holidays or a weekend away with family. This baby travel bed is extremely quick to set up and to clean after use, making it an ideal purchase for you. The product even comes with two pegs to secure the bed to the floor meaning you’ll feel confident and happy that your baby will have a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. The sides of the bed are made from breathable polyester net while the bottom of the cot is made from highly breathable nylon cloth. This baby travel bed is extremely affordable, looks stylish and offers your baby a safe and secure place to rest, making it a great option.

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Your baby’s safety is paramount, which is why choosing the right travel cot is so important. You should consider your lifestyle and which you prefer, whether it’s the lightweight options or the heavy-duty options. There are some that come with a mattress, fitted sheet and a mobile and some that don’t. If you’re looking for ease of transportation, a cot on wheels may be the most appealing option however, this may not be a priority for you. It completely depends on you, your baby’s preference and budget when it comes to finding the best cots. Once you do find the best cot bed and best cot mattress for you, then you’ll be sure to enjoy it for years to come, knowing your baby is safe and secure in a comfortable environment.