Best Table Saws 2021 – UK Buyers Guide

Woodworkers and creative hobbyists alike have no other goal than to make the best craft out their prized raw material. But more than just raw skill, achieving the desired result also lies on the tools that one has at their disposal. One of the most important ones to have is a table saw, which greatly improves the crafting process thanks to its efficient and reliable functions and features.

However, you can’t just go around and buy the table saw that the salesperson so desperately shoved in your face. One should consider what type of setting they will be working at, the kinds of material that will be cut, and, for common sense’s sake, one that will fit your alloted budget.

Thinking hard about your purchase will be the least of your worries, however, as we’ve rounded up the best table saws money can buy in 2021. Fabrication, precision and reliability has never been this accessible.

The Best Table Saws of 2021 – Reviews and Recommedations

Bosch GTS10J

Just because something is portable doesn’t mean it can’t perform like its fixed counterparts. The Bosch GTS10J table saw is a great example of this, sporting a lightweight build that doesn’t compromise performance and durability at all. This table saw has a powerful 1800 watt motor that has a soft start feature to protect it from early degradation, along with overload protection to keep the internals safe from power discrepancies. The Bosch GTS10J is also available in a 110V model for construction site usage.

The Bosch GTS10J has a 254 x 30mm 24-tooth ripblade for fast and efficient ripcuts on various kinds of materials other than wood, like aluminum, plastic, and other kinds of sheet products. Moreover, this table saw has a cutting height of 79 mm and clearance on the right of up to 460 mm while the left side has enough room for about 210 mm of space – along with a 45 mm table extension for added functionality. One can also adjust the bevel cuttings via a knob and an accessible wheel.

Adding versatility to the equation, the Bosch GTS10J table saw doesn’t require any special tool for, say, when changing the riving knife, although the mechanism is prone to dust buildup which might lead to jamming if left unchecked. Furthermore, the bevel angle runs from -2° to 47° while the riving knife’s height can be adjusted with ease for a fast and efficient cutting process. The mitre angles extend from -60° to 60° which is great to have, but the mitre gauge and fence are not as accurate and are a bit loose due to design and manufacturing limitations. All of that aside, however, we’re giving merit to the Bosch GTS10J table saw for being an effective cutting solution for woodworkers and craft hobbyists thanks to impressive construction, performance, and bonus features like adapters, guides, and a nifty storage compartment at the base of the table.


Another great option that banks on its amazing balance of portability and performance is the DEWALT DW745-GB table saw. Known to provide some of the best power tools in the market, DEWALT has once again proven itself to be a capable contender in the table saw niche with this powerful and versatile solution. This model comes at a slightly higher price tag than others, although we can guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth with what it packs.

First of all, the DEWALT DW745-GB is powered by a 1850 watt motor to ensure you don’t run short of cutting power even in a portable setting. Just like our previous recommendation, it also has a soft start function and overload protection to keep the motor safe from damage at every operation cycle. For starters, it has a no-load speed of 3800 RPM, providing you with enough cutting power for a large number of materials that range from wood to synthetic or metal sheets. To facilitate the cutting process, this table saw has a 24-tooth carbide blade that can cut through various materials without getting dull, damaged, or stuck and performs consistently thanks to its durable and resilient construction.

Moreover, the DEWALT DW745-GB offers 610 mm of rip capacity from the fence system so you get cleaner, efficient, and faster ripcuts versus competing models. Other features include a rack and pinion system that works with the front/rear fence locks and readable scales to improve cutting precision while the cast tabletop design adds durability no matter what material you are working with. This table saw also comes protected by its steel roll cage that guards it against impact and dropping, which often occurs in construction job sites. With the 22-kg DEWALT DW745-GB table saw, cutting wood and other sheet material has never been this easy.

Evolution Rage 5-S

Another portable table saw solution comes in the form of the Evolution Rage 5-S, which comes in the standard domestic 230V unit or the site use 110V option, whichever suits your specific needs. This table saw is powered by a 1800 W high-torque motor with a specialized gearbox and blade system that provides efficient power allocation and delivery. Moreover, this table saw uses a single blade to cut all kinds of material, from wood to steel, with ease. It is equipped with a Japanese-engineered tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade, exhibiting zero burr or sparks, as well as keeping the material cool while being cut so it can be handled safely right after the procedure.

Furthermore, the Evolution Rage 5-S table saw is bevel and mitre-capable, providing up to a 45° bevel or a 60° mitre by simply dialing in the settings on the bevel wheel at the front or the angle settings on the material. You can even get a precise -60° to 60° mitre cut as the table saw cuts within a 0.5° margin. With this level of functionality, furniture, decking, and other woodworking products are easier to prepare for assembly. You won’t even run out of space when working on larger sheet material as the table surface area amounts to 1200 x 640 mm when fully extended, as well a cutting depth of 85 mm for thick blocks.

For added precision, the Evolution Rage 5-S has an anti-vibration clamp to secure the material on the sliding table. It also comes with integrated dust ports above and below the blade which you can connect to a robust vacuum system to keep your workstation dust and debris-free. This table saw is solidly built from the ground up so expect a bit of heft when transporting it, although the unit comes with a collapsible frame, wheels, and a foot pedal to improve convenience in the process.

Proxxon Micromot 

While the Proxxon Micromot certainly packs the prize for being one of the smallest and lightest table saws around, reserve your judgment until you’ve seen this small but terrible of a performer. This ultra-portable table saw is made from die-cast aluminum making it weight at an astounding 6 kg. One might worry about the unit’s stability when in operation due to this, but it begs to differ as it offers stability and balance that even heavier units struggle to achieve. It makes use of a 10 mm 24-tooth tungsten-tipped blade to cut multiple kinds of material with ease- wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, and fiberglass, among others. It also comes with a set-screw to allow adjustment of the longitudinal stop by as little as 1/10 mm, making it perfect for delicate and precise detailing crafts.

The Proxxon Micromot allows cutting depth adjustment with a decent range of 1 to 22 mm and can be angled up to 45° should you need to make angled cuts. You can even make use of the included angle stop to create double mitre cuts with ease. Changing saw blades is possible as well, as this mini table saw is compatible with blade sizes from 50 to 85m mm when the need arises. Due to the reliability and power of the motor, the finished product ends up with clean and precise cuts that don’t need refinishing at all. But while the table saw’s motor is more than capable of getting the job done, you won’t have to worry about excess noise thanks to it’s low-noise drive design.

The Proxxon Micromot doesn’t come without its downsides, however. The fine adjustment control seems a little stiff to operate, along with the needed modifications if one needs to make shallower cuts. The dust extractor’s implementation is a bit tight than the standard hose diameter as well, which could have been adjusted for a perfect fit. All that aside, though, the Proxxon Micromot provides what is needed, especially for a table saw of its size.

Evolution Fury 5-S 

Those on a tight budget might feel intimidated by the price premiums on some table saw units – that’s not the case with the Evolution Fury 5-S table saw, though. This unit is the budget version of the Evolution Rage, as both have some of the same features and technologies integrated into them. The Evolution Fury 5-S is powered by a slightly smaller 1500 W motor and has a smaller main table surface area, measuring in at 56 x 31 mm. Also, the Fury comes with a non-collapsible stand and rubber feet as opposed to the Rage’s folding stand and rolling wheels. Apart from that, however, the two machines are basically outfitted with the same functionalities all throughout.

The Evolution Fury 5-S is still equipped with a multipurpose blade that can cut through wood, steel, plastic, aluminum, and more. This saves you the hassle of switching blades when working on different materials as well as the added cost of buying extra blades for specific materials. As for adjustments for improving cutting results, the table saw allows cutting height and angle tweaking via the handwheel and calibrated gauge – offering 73 mm of cutting allowance in the vertical position while the 45° tilt mode can provide up to 55 mm.

It comes with extra features and accessories to streamline your creative process, ranging from a material fence and anti-vibration clamp to ensure a straight cut at all times, to a push stick that helps with feeding the material in while keeping your fingers safe from injury. Moreover, the mitre gauge is designed to fit perfectly into the slot for improved cross-cut accuracy. For those that need a reliable and rugged table saw for not too much money, the Evolution Fury 5-S is a great solution to start with.

ParkerBrand PTS-250

One of the most powerful motors to ever make our list is equipped in the ParkerBrand PTS-250 table saw. This robust woodworking and crafting solution is loaded with a 2000 W motor that provides 5000 RPM of cutting power that easily rips through any kind of material, ranging from wood and synthetic sheets to steel. To facilitate larger sheets, this table saw has an extending area that can hold up to 938 mm long material.

The ParkerBrand PTS-250 features a cast-aluminum tabletop for added durability no matter what kind of material you are working on while keeping it friction-free for efficient feeding. As for bevel cuts, you are given a choice of up to 90° and 45° for added versatility, while a laser line guide improves cutting precision by a significant amount. You can tweak the cutting height and bevel angle via the adjustment handle. Thanks to its easily adjustable rip fence, rip cuts are cleaner and more accurate as well.

For added stability, the ParkerBrand PTS-250 table saw uses rubber feet to dampen vibrations to ensure the cut lines are as straight as they can be. The integrated dust management system is also effective in keeping your workbench clean even after a busy day of woodworking. Do note that this table saw is a bit bulky and fitting it onto another stand might prove to be a challenge due to its fixed design.

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