Best Lightening Shampoo in the UK – A Buyer’s Guide

A lightening shampoo is a product that cleans the hair and lightens it as well. It is made in such a way that it gradually lightens coloured, natural as well as highlighted hair. The products work well on hair that is both dark and medium blond. It is also suitable for lighter brunettes and blonde hair. This type of shampoo helps to improve the colour of the hair and also provides exfoliating effects.

How does a lightening shampoo work?

A lightening shampoo works by gradually lightening the hair by minding the colour pigments of the hair. The lightening effects come from natural ingredients like chamomile.

Chamomile is a natural lightening ingredient that does not need to be combined with chemicals to lighten the hair. A good lightening shampoo also helps to prevent brassiness and yellowing of the hair, especially blonde. The products work better when they are used with other complementary products like conditioners and lightening sprays.

The market is packed with a wide range of lightening shampoos from which you can choose. When selecting the best lightening shampoo, you should first consider a product that does not contain any chemicals that would harm the hair while lightening it. This is the main issue with using chemical dyes and lightening products. They make the hair weak and cause it to break or fall off.

Another factor you should consider when choosing a lightening shampoo is the type of hair that you have. For instance, some shampoos are specifically designed for blonde hair; hence would not be the best option for someone who wants to maintain their ginger or brunette hair. It is, therefore, important that you read through the product description and find out whether the product is suitable for you.

You also need to consider the natural colour of your hair.

It would also be wise if you got a lightening shampoo product that has added benefits. The added benefits include conditioning and moisturising. A good shampoo should work as a conditioner. It would also help if you paired the product with other beneficial products like a conditioner or spray that is compatible with the lightening shampoo in question.

In this post, we look at some of the best lightening shampoos in the market, their descriptions, benefits, and shortcomings.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo

This hair lightening shampoo is a strong and mild cleanser. Like the shampoo that it is, it cleanses the hair without taking out the essential oils and nutrients that are needed for it to thrive. The product also works as a gradual lightener. It helps to make the hair look lighter and brighter. Unlike other lightening products, this shampoo lightens the hair without tampering with the strength of the hair. It is made with active ingredients like citrus and chamomile that make it an incredible product. All the ingredients and raw materials used in the product are guaranteed safe for all types of hair. This means that they can be used on natural, highlighted, or colour-treated hair as well.

Using this lightening shampoo is quite easy. However, if you want it to be more effective, it would help if you used it with lightening conditioner. The conditioner helps to neutralize the effects of the product. The more you use the product, the more you see its impact on your hair.


  • It brightens and strengthens the hair
  • It is made for all types of hair
  • It is cost-efficient


  • Small quantity

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Manzanilla Grisi Shampoo/Lightening Shampoo

The Manzanilla Grisi shampoo is one of the best hair products in the market. Firstly, it is an amazing shampoo, and it cleanses the hair impeccably. It also has some moisturising effects that help to make your hair healthy without stripping it of its nutrients. It helps to increase the volume and flexibility of the hair because of its ingredients like Nutricomplex Q10.

Another feature of the shampoo is that it lightens the hair. The reason why this is possible is because the shampoo is made with a formula that is enriched with chamomile. The product, therefore, helps to lighten your hair without causing any damages like weakening it. It works well in both natural, coloured, or highlighted hair. This means that it will help you maintain the colour in your hair without harming it in any way. It is also infused with Vitaglow that helps to provide the hair with a beautiful and luminous glow while lightening it naturally over time. It would be wise if you used the shampoo with other products like the Manzanilla conditioner.


  • It works as a shampoo and a moisturizer
  • It is packed with chamomile nutrients that help to lighten the hair
  • It cleans the hair and adds volume as well


  • It may trigger allergic reactions in some people because of the strong scent

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Sun Bum Hair Care

Sun Bum is a revitalising shampoo that helps to maintain the health of your hair. The product helps to deliver deep nutrition to the hair while cleaning. Unlike regular shampoos, this hair revitalising shampoo helps to add moisture to the hair. The moisture helps to strengthen the hair and add volume to it. Additionally, the Sun Bum Hair Care shampoo helps to smoothen the hair. This is especially important for people with hair that is difficult to manage. By smoothening the hair, it helps to make the hair easy to style.

This shampoo can also be used as a lightening shampoo. It helps to lighten the hair and keep it looking beautiful. This is especially important if your hair is already coloured. The hair tends to get darker over time. This shampoo helps to maintain the colour and keep the hair from darkening. However, the product only works if you use it regularly. Another benefit of this shampoo is that it helps to repair damaged hair, restore lost moisture, and provide humidity-resistant frizz control.


  • It works well on all types of hair
  • It helps to repair damaged hair and moisturise it
  • It lightens the hair and provided humidity-resistant frizz control


  • The packaging is wanting, and it features a strong scent that could cause allergic reactions in some users.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

TIO NACHO Natural Lightening and Volumising Shampoo

The most impressive feature of this product is that it is made from natural products. It is made using a formulation of botanical extracts that help to give the hair a natural lightening effect. It, therefore, helps to improve the appearance of the hair. The shampoo helps to clean the hair while nourishing it. It also hydrates the hair hence allowing it to grow better and improving its appearance. The product, overall, helps to improve the health of your hair. Additionally, TIO NACHO helps to remove excess oil from the hair without tampering with the essentials hence improving the hair sheen, shine as well as volume.

This natural lightning and volumising shampoo help to strengthen the hair and reduce issues like hair loss and breakage. The manufactures of this product have more than a century of experience. Hence the production of a product that strengthens, cleans, and tones the hair. Some ingredients in the product include royal jelly and organic coconut oil.


  • It provides ultra-hydration
  • It works as a shampoo, conditioner, and lightener
  • It is made from natural products


  • It has a strong smell that makes it dangerous for people with allergies

Our Rating: 4.5/5

PHYTO Brightening Shampoo

This brightening shampoo is designed for gray, white, and platinum blonde hair. It is designed to neutralize brassiness in the hair and get rid of dullness. It also helps to prevent yellowing, which is a common issue with coloured hair like platinum blonde hair. The brightening shampoo features a gentle formula that enhances the colour of the hair within the first use. This makes it stand out because it does not take a while to work. The product lightens the hair without causing any damage to it. It also helps to strengthen hair that is already highlighted or coloured.

When using this shampoo on your hair, make sure to start by wetting the hair. Proceed to apply the shampoo and massage it in until it lathers. Leave the shampoo in for around 3 minutes then rinse it off with clean water. Make sure to rinse the product thoroughly because if you left behind any traces, it would result in breakage or hair damage, and you can use it at most twice per week. Do not use it too often because you could end up damaging your hair further.


  • It helps to prevent colour loss and yellowing
  • It helps to neutralise brassiness
  • It works within the first use


  • It is not suitable for coloured hair

Our Rating: 4.0/5

This shampoo is developed for lighter shades of natural, highlighted or colour-treated hair. The lightening shampoo also helps to smoothen the hair. It makes the hair lighter and smoother hence making it look glistening, especially for highlighted hair. It also helps to bring forth a silky texture. The shampoo is designed in such a way that it can maximize the unique qualities of different hair shades. This means that anyone with any colour of hair can use the product. It, however, works better with blonde hair. It makes it look more transparent and allows light to shine through it.

The shampoo also works as a conditioner. It helps to mend the porous areas of each hair strand. Additionally, it helps to restore the texture of the hair hence allowing it to appear lighter. It uses natural products to enhance the lightening effects. Some of the products are natural lemon peel, chamomile, and sunflower seed.


  • It used natural lightening products
  • It is designed for lighter shades
  • It conditions the hair and prevents damage


  • It doesn’t work well on natural hair

Our Rating: 4.1/5

Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile for Blonde Hair

Klorane is one of the most popular brands of hair products in the market. The Klorane shampoo is designed specifically for people with blonde hair. Whether it is coloured blonde or natural blonde, the shampoo is a good option. The shampoo is infused with chamomile, which helps to intensify the colour or highlights of the hair. The chamomile ingredient also helps to clean hair effectively. Chamomile is a natural highlighter that does not contain any chemicals that would otherwise damage the hair.

The Klorane Shampoo does not contain any parabens or sulfates that could harm the hair and cause it to break. It also does not contain any SLS, silicones, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. Its ingredients also help to smoothen and enhance added shine in the hair. It is a gentle formula that can be used daily. Before you use the product, you need to make sure that it is wet first and rinse it thoroughly afterward.


  • It is made using natural products like chamomile
  • It is suitable for blonde hair
  • It does not contain parabens and sulfates


  • The packaging is a little lower quality

Our Rating: 4.4/5

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