Best High Chair 2021 – Reviews & UK Buyer’s Guide

Highchairs allow young children to experiment with solid foods in a safe space. They also give parents room to watch and monitor their babies as they eat. The best highchairs are typically made to be easy to clean since babies will often be messy with their food. You should be able to wipe the chair after every meal. Most manufacturers also make the trays dishwasher safe so that the parents and guardians have an easier time cleaning up.

There are many products on the market today, and choosing the best baby high chair can be a challenge. This article will cover a few highly rated products and give you some guidelines that will help you select a highchair.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some things you should consider when shopping for the best high chair:

  • Safety

Babies are known for their restlessness. If a baby can make their way out of the chair, they are highly likely to do so. This is why you need to find a highchair with a five-point harness. This safety restraint system should prevent any accidents from occurring.

You should also look for a highchair with wheels that can lock in place. Otherwise, the seat can roll out of position, and this can result in injuries. It would even be better to purchase a highchair that doesn’t have wheels at all.

The safest highchairs usually have a certification sticker that shows that the products have met the safety standards set by ASTM International.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Your child will be messy as they start learning how to eat solid foods. This is why you need a highchair that can be cleaned easily and quickly. Ideally, the tray should be dishwasher safe as it may need to be cleaned after every meal. A dishwasher-safe tray can be cleaned every time you use the machine. Also, the seat should be made of a material that can be wiped when dirty.

  • Height Adjustment

Highchairs are usually used by babies of between 6 months and 3 years. During this period, your child will grow, and that means you will need to keep adjusting the height of the chair. Otherwise, they will be uncomfortable at the dinner table.

  • The Type of Highchair

There are different types of highchairs on the market. Some of these are basic chairs, full-feature highchairs, portable highchairs, and hook on highchairs.

Basic highchairs have simple designs. They are usually made of metal or plastic, and they may even lack a tray. The advantage of basic highchairs is their low price. Unfortunately, they may have nooks that are hard to clean. They also don’t offer high levels of comfort for babies.

Full-feature highchairs have trays, wheels, tray covers, adjustable heights, reclining seats, and well-padded seats. Some full-feature highchairs are also foldable for portability (see our guide on the Best Travel Cots). They may have carrying handles for ease of transportation. If you want a stationary chair, you can go for the hook on highchairs that can be fixed to your dining table.

  • The Tray

The tray is one of the most essential parts of a highchair. Ideally, the chair should come with a detachable tray that is also dishwasher safe. It should also be able to fit in the sink and dishwasher easily.

  • Versatility

If you don’t want to buy a new chair for your child when they outgrow the highchair, you should choose a product that can convert easily to a kid-sized chair.

  • Stability

The stability of your highchair is crucial. The base of the chair should be broad enough to support the weight of the baby and the attachments effectively. You should always give the chair a quick shake to check whether it can tip over.

Product Reviews of the Best UK High Chairs

Ingenuity Trio Smart Clean High Chair

This chair has three different modes: highchair, booster seat and toddler chair. It has an innovative design that can allow you to seat two babies at the same time, and this is one of the reasons why it is considered the best baby high chair UK. That makes it ideal for people with twins or babies who are close in age.

The maximum weight that can be accommodated by this highchair is 50 lbs. The Ingenuity Trio Smart Clean High Chair is one of the most comfortable seats for toddlers as it has foam cushions. The cushion will conform to your baby’s body, keeping them comfortable for extended periods. You can also choose to seat your baby upright or recline them. Cleaning this foam material is quite simple as you can easily wipe it down.

The seat pad, tray and tray insert are dishwasher safe. The straps can easily be detached when you want to clean the seat in the dishwasher.

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Red Kite Baby Feed Me

The Red Kite Baby Feed Me chair is Red Kite Baby’s flagship product. A key advantage of this chair is the fact that it can be adjusted through multiple heights. This means you can use it in the different stages of your baby’s growth.

If your baby needs some rest, you can recline the back of the seat for extra relaxation. This seat can be folded for easy storage. However, unfolding it might be a little complicated. You will have to follow the directions given in order to keep it from breaking.

The chair has a 5 point harness that keeps the baby safe at all times. The seat is fully padded and is made of practical wipe clean vinyl.

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Red Kite Feed Me Deli Yummy High Chair

This highchair is also from Red Kite Baby. It is ideal for people who don’t have much space in their homes as it can easily be folded and put away. The tray can be removed for cleaning purposes. This chair has a bright appearance that can boost the mood at meal times.

If your child is messy during meal times, you can quickly clean the vinyl by wiping it down. The feeding tray is also removable, and that makes it easy to clean. This chair is high in quality, easy to assemble, and it is well padded. It is also relatively cheap.

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Bebe Style Classic 2-in-1 Highchair

This chair is made of plastic, and every part of it is wipeable. You can, therefore, expect to have an easy time cleaning the product.

This highchair can be adjusted through two different heights. It has a five-point harness to keep your child safe. Although relatively low in price, it is nevertheless very sturdy and reliable.

This chair doesn’t fold, but it can be quickly dismantled for storage or transportation.

The only downside to this highchair is the fact that the tray falls off easily when it is not in use. To prevent it from falling off the chair, you can leave it set as a tray, even when it is not being used.

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Mychild Graze 3 in 1 Multi High Chair Aqua

This chair is suitable for children of 6 months to 3 years. It comes with a small meal tray that can be detached from the highchair.

With this chair, your baby will be able to enjoy two reclining positions. The chair is foldable, and it has a convenient carrying handle that can allow you to transport it easily. This way, your baby will be able to join you when you eat outside.

The chair is designed with space for the storage of booster straps.

The downside of this chair is that it doesn’t have much space for the child. Larger babies will not be very comfortable in it.

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Safety 1st Timba Wooden High Chair

This highchair is made from wood, and it has a beautiful appearance. It is solid and can support your child’s weight until they turn 9 or 10. The seat can be adjusted continually to accommodate your developing child.

It is designed to fit any standard size table. The chair is available at a much lower price than other similar wooden seats. Despite this low cost, it is very high in quality.

The product does not have any painted parts, meaning that nothing will chip off during the lifetime of the chair.

It also has a three-point safety harness that will prevent your child from climbing out of the chair. This way, you can be sure that they will be safe in the chair.

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Cosatto Noodle Super Highchair

This highchair has won multiple awards. It has been recognised for its high quality, British design, and the industry leading 4-year guarantee.

The chair is very comfortable for babies. This is due to the unique calf support and the adjustable back recline features.

The chair has also been developed to be highly secure. It has a five-point harness that will prevent your child from accidentally falling out of the chair. The product can be used by babies of 6 months to 3 years. It can be height-adjusted at any time so your child does not have to bend in order to eat.

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East Coast Combination Highchair

This highchair can work as both a seat and a play table. It can help you save space as you will not need to purchase additional tables for other activities such as art and craft.

Assembling this product is quite simple, but you should follow the directions carefully. If you fit the tray insert and harness wrongly, you may end up with a poorly functioning highchair.

The seat itself is free from design flaws. In fact, it is made of solid hardwood, and it is very steady. The finish on the chair is also excellent.

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Finding the best high chair UK is a tough job. The market is flooded with many suitable products. When shopping for these chairs, you should consider the type of chair, its stability, the available features, and the height adjustment.

Another vital factor to consider when shopping for the best high chairs is the level of safety. Some of these products are certified for safety by reputable organisations. You should look out for these certification stickers. You should also check whether the baby high chair has a five-point harness.

All the products listed in this review are highly rated, and are worthy of consideration when making your purchase.