Best Dog Clippers 2021 – UK Buyers Guide

Dogs are man’s best friend, that’s a fact. But is it true the other way around? Are you your pooch’s best friend?

More than just feeding your dogs or setting up a fresh bowl of water every now and then, they also need to be pampered and maintained, hygiene-wise. Grooming is a vital part of owning a dog, as something as simple as a bath or trim can make a great difference on the physical and mental aspect of your buddy.

But keeping a dog neat and healthy isn’t as easy as getting normal shears or clippers as you would with people. One thing to be considered here is the breed of the dog, as this determines what type of equipment and procedures you should go with. It might pay to go to the local groomers every once in a while, but let’s face it, you can save a whole lot more when you do it yourself, along with making a stronger bond with your furry friend in the process.

Worry not, as we’re listing down some of the best dog clippers you can buy in the UK in 2021!

Best Dog Clippers of 2021 – Reviews & Recommendations

ProductCordless?Our Rating
Otstar Dog ClippersYes4.5
Sminiker Professional ClippersYes4.7
OMORC Cordless ClippersYes4.4
Masterclip Showmate ClippersYes4.1
Focuspet 2 Speed ClippersYes4.3
Wahl SS Pro ClippersNo4.0

Otstar Dog Clippers

If you own a short-haired breed or don’t feel the need for heavy-duty dog clippers that require weekly use, the affordable Otstar Dog Clippers is a great option to start with. This particular kit comes with four different attachment guide combs to improve precision whenever trimming, offering 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm options for cutting versatility, while the fine adjustment knob allows you to dial the preferred length level that ranges from 0.9 to 2 mm.

This cutesy clipper is equipped with a silent yet powerful 8200 RPM precision motor to provide an efficient cutting performance without spooking your pooch thanks to its 55 dB noise level and low vibration output. It comes with a durable titanium blade that works with a movable ceramic blade for a reliable trim without harming your pet’s skin as it produces way less heat than traditional clipper blade setups.

Moreover, the Otstar Dog Clippers comes in a completely cordless design that is powered by a rechargeable battery pack that provides you with around 60 to 70 minutes of trimming juice before needing to be topped up, which takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge back to full. It even comes with a spare battery should you run short on the first pack, making the kit an economical choice when it comes to trimming your dog’s hair. An oh – it also comes with a stainless steel comb and scissor pair should you find the need to fine tune your dog’s haircut.

Sminiker Professional Clippers

Another great option for cheap yet reliable clippers is the Sminiker Professional Clippers, a heavy-duty unit made for thick-haired breeds that can trade blows even with some of the higher-end offerings available. Just like our first suggestion, this dog clipper boasts a quiet operation as well, all without compromising cutting performance at all. The precision motor only outputs around 50 dB of noise and is a low-vibration unit, perfect for those with pets who are a bit suspicious at the slightest ruffle.

Furthermore, the Sminiker Professional Clippers makes use of a combination of titanium and ceramic cutting blades to provide efficient and clean trims. The titanium blade benefits from the metal’s anti-corrosion properties while retaining the sharp cutting while the ceramic blade lessens the heat generated from continuous operation, making the clipper comfortable on your pet’s skin and avoid scalding altogether.

For added precision when trimming your dog’s fur, the Sminiker Professional Clippers come with four precision comb attachments that are 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm wide. It also comes with a stainless steel comb and scissor combination if you want to fine tune your dog’s haircut. This dog clipper is completely cordless so you won’t be limited where power sockets are situated, and comes with a handy organizer bag so you can take the Sminiker Professional Clippers anywhere a pooch needs a good ole’ grooming.

OMORC Cordless Clippers

The OMORC Cordless Clippers offers a wide variety of comb attachments so you can give your dog the best trim they deserve. From 3mm to 15mm and specialty combs like left oblique, right oblique, and thinning attachments, customizing your best friend’s crowning glory to a tee without much of a hassle. It comes with the standard titanium acute angle blade that works together with a ceramic moving blade to provide an efficient cutting performance that combats corrosion and heating quite well. Moreover, you’re sure to provide a comfortable trim session with the low noise and vibration operation of the clippers, outputting only 58 dB to reduce stress and anxiety levels greatly.

Furthermore, the OMORC Cordless Clippers has a fine-tuning knob that offers five levels of adjustment that range from 0.8 to 2 mm to dial in precise adjustments for your desired hair length. It also comes with extra safeguards to keep your pet from harm’s way, like the R-shaped angled guard around the blade keeps your pooch’s skin safe from being cut. The brand also boasts the clippers’ motors which are apparently professional grade, so you’re getting the best hardware for an economical price .

The OMORC Cordless Clippers is a cordless unit that is powered by a beefy 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 240 minutes of operation and only three hours needed to fill it up again. The LED indicator is handy for telling when it’s time to charge the unit again. It also comes with an ergonomic body and a handle that’s lightweight for maximum comfort when doing extended trim sessions or if you have multiple dogs that need a haircut.

Masterclip Showmate Clippers

For professional quality needs, the Masterclip Showmate Clippers boast a durable build construction and reliable performance for a hassle-free trim session. This dog clipper is equipped with a durable German 30F steel blade and a ceramic one that work in tandem to provide clean and precise cuts while maintaining a reliable cutting form by countering the effects of corrosion. Moreover, the ceramic blade produces less heat than traditional blade configuration to keep your pet from being scalded while being groomed.

The Masterclip Showmate Clippers is equipped with a professional-grade rotary motor that can switch between two speeds – 2300 spm and 2900 spm. While this is lower than some offerings, the clipper offers consistent performance that ensures even, precise cuts for a more appealing visual outcome.

To help you with cutting your dog’s fur with efficient strokes, the Masterclip Showmate Clippers comes with four comb attachment guides that come in slightly larger increments – 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, and 16 mm comb heads that keep your trimming direction where it needs to be. Moreover, this clipper is a cordless model that comes with two included battery units, each providing up to an hour of trimming time so you won’t run short in case your buddy is sporting that shaggier-than-normal coat.

Focuspet 2 Speed Clippers

More than raw cutting power, it pays to invest in a dog clipper that provides a consistent cut and performance, especially when every trimming session can take more than an hour. This high-quality dog clipper comes equipped with a reliable precision motor that is low vibration and only outputs up to 50 dB of noise on the operation, keeping your best bud comfortable and relaxed as you go through the mountain of fur. As mentioned, this clipper has a two-speed motor: 6700 RPM for the base speed and 7300 for the top speed, with a slight deviation of about 300±RPM. This means more juice for thicker fur or conserving energy when you don’t need the extra trimming power.

The Focuspet 2 Speed Clippers has a titanium and ceramic blade combination that maintains its cutting edge and combat the onset of rust for longevity and reliability. Moreover, the ceramic blade adds a degree of comfort as it doesn’t heat up as fast as a traditional metal blade, minimizing the risk of scalding your dog’s skin when trimming its fur. The detachable design makes cleaning or replacement easy, while the R-shaped edge keeps freak accidents out of the way to protect your pooch’s skin and makes removing excess hair easy.

As the Focuspet 2 Speed Clippers is a cordless clipper, it is powered by a high-capacity battery that provides up to 180 minutes of cutting time, while recharging it back to full takes three hours. Charging it is more convenient as well as it uses a USB cable to do so, although do note that it doesn’t come with an adapter brick, requiring you to provide one for charging needs. As per usual, it comes with the necessary attachment combs of four sizes (3, 6, 9, and 12 mm) and a fine tuning knob that provides five levels of hair length adjustment (from 0.8 to 2 mm) for a more efficient and neat trimming process. You also get a stainless steel comb and scissor combo for added versatility.

Wahl SS Pro Clippers

The Wahl SS Pro Clippers may not be a cordless trimming solution for your furbaby, but that’ll be the least of your problems as it dishes out amazing performance and quality at a reasonable price. This clipper kit comes with the necessary comb attachments that boost the standard 0.7 mm cutting length to 3 mm, 10 mm, and 16 mm. This means added flexibility when trimming your pooch’s mane to fit the weather or just get the desired aesthetic. You also get a batch of clipper oil for lubrication purposes.

Moreover, the Wahl SS Pro Clippers operates at an impressive 3800 RPM speed to facilitate a clean and consistent cutting path. The motor is designed for low noise and vibration that makes it ideal for dogs that are easily frightened by loud or unfamiliar sounds. With this clipper, your best bud is sure to enjoy the grooming session while bonding with you. Aiding its operation are professional precision-ground blades that stay sharp after countless cuts and are rust-resistant. These blades are also removable for easy cleaning and replacement thanks to the snap-on mechanism.

The Wahl SS Pro Clippers is designed to be ultra-lightweight as well, clocking in at just 380 grams to lessen hand and wrist fatigue, while the contoured and ridged body improves overall grip so you have total control over each stroke. As mentioned earlier, this dog clipper isn’t cordless, meaning it gets power from the mains. If you don’t really need the cordless functionality and have a handy mains socket or extension cord lying around, the Wahl SS Pro Clippers won’t run out of power unless you unplug it, making for a productive trimming session especially when you’re working on more than one dog. Whether you’re looking for the best clippers for long haired dogs or short haired dogs, this dog clipper kit is more than enough to do the work in one go.

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