The Best Cordless Strimmer of 2021 – UK Buyer’s Guide

For any modern homeowner who owns a yard or lawn on their property, the growth of weeds and the edges of your lawn can often lead to an untidy look and even promote the risk of slipping or snagging when trodden upon.

Most people that use a petrol lawn mower or a cordless lawn mower will know that they’re great for cutting 95% of your grass, but they leave the edges way too long when they’re up against a fence or wall.

To sort this mess out, grass cutting shears are out of the question due to the manual effort you have to exert, not to mention the inconsistency of its trail. Cordless strimmers, on the other hand, are much more convenient to use due to them doing all the hard work for you. They make use of batteries so you can freely roam your garden with ease.

But people often have issues with garden strimmers. The cord snaps too often, the batteries run out too quickly, and there are many other common issues too. But fret not, as we’ve rounded up the best cordless strimmers you can get for the money in the UK.

Best Cordless Strimmers Reviews and Recommendations


The WORX WG157E boasts amazing versatility for a cordless strimmer in that it can be converted into to a trimmer or edger in the matter of seconds. This strimmer is an 18V model with a 20V max rating for an efficient usage time as well as extra power to cut resilient plant growth and weeds in the area.

This cordless strimmer has wheels that help with control and stability in edging and trimming applications, while a guard keeps plants and other objects or fixtures on your lawn safe as you go along your trimming tasks. A movable head joint allows the WORX WG157E to adjust its head position to up to 90° for maximum efficiency in tight tolerances or areas that are impossible to reach without an adjustable mechanism. You also don’t need to fumble about when your nylon cutting thread is running low, as this strimmer has a Command Feed function to supply you with a continuous length of thread at the touch of a button.

Apart from that, the WORX WG157E is comfortable to use even in extended periods of time despite the 3.4 kg weight. More than the support added by the wheels, the strimmer has a soft grip rotating handle that is easy on the hand. Do note that the batteries are fully topped up with a 3-hour charge, so stock up on extras in case you have a considerably large area to work on.

Greenworks Tools G40LTK2

For those that need an extra level of power to conquer the thick hinterland grasses of rarely-touched backyards, the Greenworks Tools G40LTK2 has a powerful motor that can output up to 7000 RPM maximum. It is backed up by your choice of a beefy 2Ah or 4Ah 40V battery unit so the strimmer gets the needed power to cut through thick grass and weeds. With a simple switching motion upward or down, the user can also adjust the RPM output via the variable speed control, allowing you to tackle sensitive areas in your yard or garden without damaging property or ornamental plants in the process. This protective measure is improved by a rugged metal guard to avoid what doesn’t need cutting.

The Greenworks Tools G40LTK2 also has a two-piece aluminum telescoping shaft with a steel connector so you can adjust the strimmer’s height to your preferred level and a rotating handle that forgoes the need for unnecessary twisting and turning, resulting in a more comfortable and convenient grass cutting experience. It also comes in a decent 3.1 kg weight as well, which is easy to lug and swath around without much effort exerted.

Moreover, the Greenworks Tools G40LTK2 has an automatic 1.65 mm wire feed system that keeps the reloading process a stress-free one. It also offers a cutting width of about 30 cm to allow you to cover larger areas with lesser passes.


It’s amazing how cordless strimmers that are battery-operated are becoming more and more competitive in terms of performance and reliability as their traditional counterparts. An excellent example of this is the EGO ST1511E strimmer, which has one of the most powerful trimming performances around. For starters, it has an impressive 56V Arc lithium battery pack that comes in either an include 2.5 Ah version, or the supplemental 5.0 and 7.5 Ah packs that you can buy separately, with the former offering 60 minutes of continuous operation and the latter netting you 90 minutes of juice. Basing on the 2.5 Ah model, the battery charges at 50 minutes, but if you have a rapid charger, one can be topped up in a matter of half an hour.

Moreover, the EGO ST1511E strimmer has a soft start function to protect the brushless motor from damage, as well as introduce a smooth and gradual increase in speed which can be adjusted via the variable speed control. It comes in a durable construction that can be used for heavy-duty trimming and edging, although the stem doesn’t come with a foldable or telescoping design that could potentially help with ergonomics and storage needs.

The EGO ST1511E cordless strimmer comes with the efficient EGO Powerload feature that automatically deploys your line in less than ten seconds, taking care of string replacement in a jiffy. It also has a decent 38 cm cutting width to allow you to trim large areas with fewer swaths. For added ergonomics, a shoulder strap and adjustable loop handle makes carrying the strimmer easier. It is also comforting to know that the EGO ST1511E’s batteries can work interchangeably with other EGO tools, which is great news for brand loyalists.

Terratek Cordless Strimmer

Keeping your lawn tidy is surely easier when the tools you use are lightweight and easy to lug around, especially when you’re expecting to be standing under the heat of the sun for a good hour or so. Such is the Terratek Cordless Strimmer, a convenient choice for that weekend yard cleaning. This cordless strimmer comes in a 2 kg package that’s easy to carry around, but don’t be fooled by its lightweight profile as it packs a punch in the trimming and edging department as well. It is operated by an 18 V battery that peaks at 20 V, which is more than enough for general cutting purposes, and lasts for a good 40 minutes before needing a recharge. Topping it up with juice will take around 3 to 5 hours, though, so be sure to stock up on spares should you feel the need to go beyond the stated time limit.

For ease of use, the Terratek Cordless Strimmer sports an adjustable telescoping shaft, with 95 cm being the shortest length while the maximum extension can go up to 115 cm. Hands are safe from getting sore as well, with the soft grip handles providing comfort and hold at the same time. Switching to edger mode is easy to do as well: simply rotate the 180° adjustable head to the desired position and you’re good to go. Also, the strimmer uses nylon blades instead of strings so you won’t have to deal with the hassle that comes with string spools and reloading them. Do note that the blades break easier than most offerings, although replacements come cheap and plenty when you buy the Terratek Cordless Strimmer.


Another great choice for your gardening needs is the BLACK+DECKER 36 V, a powerful cordless strimmer that can clear any unwanted weed infestation in a flash. This strimmer boasts the E-drive system that features high torque operation, resulting in a faster job and cleaner cuts. It is powered by a powerful 36 V battery and can output up to 8500 RPM, which is greater than even most high-performance cordless strimmers. Moreover, it can cover up to 3750 linear meters of cutting in one full charge to maximize your trimming needs, especially in larger gardens and yards. The 30 cm cutting swath ensures that you cover more ground with a smaller number of passes.

You can even choose from the two operational modes, ECO and TURBO, via the Power Select feature. Basically, what this does is optimize the BLACK+DECKER 36 V’s power consumption based on the application, whether it be lightweight or heavy-duty usage, saving power or providing the necessary juice whenever needed. As with most modern cordless strimmer, this model comes with an automatic single line feed system that activates when you run out of cutting line. This provides added convenience unlike traditional bump feed options where you need to bump the head of the machine to the ground to release more string from the spool, which can potentially cause damage to the rotating head.

Apart from that, comfort and control is maximized with the BLACK+DECKER 36 V’s telescoping handle that you can adjust depending on your height preference. Moreover, it has a soft rubber grip fitted on its primary handle while the secondary handle takes care of balance and weight distribution, although you won’t have to worry about heft as it only weighs a conservative 3.5 kg.


When it comes to cordless strimmer performance, it doesn’t only boil down to battery capacity or voltage. One should also look out for durable build quality and reliable motors, which are the major strong points of the DEWALT DCM561P1S strimmer. This cordless unit comes with an 18 V, 5Ah battery that can provide up to 40 minutes of running time, which is more than enough for most trimming needs. Also, you can lower or increase the RPM output of the strimmer via a 2-speed control that provides up to 6000 RPM, making it perfect for young or mature and wet grass. The motors are also brushless, which means lesser friction and maintenance costs in the long run.

To take advantage of this power, the DEWALT DCM561P1S cordless strimmer features a 33 cm cutting width, providing you with large swathes and covering extensive areas with significantly fewer passes. Augmenting this is the fast-loading line feed string head which provides you with the preferred line size. For ergonomics, the DEWALT DCM561P1S strimmer has two handles, with the primary one sporting an integrated over-mold and padded design while the second one provides a counterbalance to improve comfort and control over you cutting needs.

Webb WEV20LT

Silent, comfortable, and efficient operation – these are the top traits of a cordless strimmer that makes them viable over their petrol or corded counterparts. Such is the Webb WEV20LT, a lightweight yet decent strimmer that is powered by a 20V, 2Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery. This provides the user with a generous 30-40 minute run time before needing to recharge again, which takes about 1-2 hours to top up back to full – faster than most units that don’t come with fast chargers.

Moreover, the Webb WEV20LT cordless strimmer comes with a 25 cm cutting width, which is perfect for smaller areas and gardens. Speaking of gardens, this strimmer protects your plants and fixtures with a flower guard to ensure that you only cut what is needed, while a guide wheel adds balance and control to the equation to achieve straight and neat trims. Also, this strimmer can be transformed into an edger in a matter of seconds – simply rotate the shaft in place and you’re good as gold.

As for ergonomics, the Webb WEV20LT comes in a lightweight 2.2 kg profile to lessen the strain on your back when working on your garden for extended periods of time, while the telescoping shaft allows you to adjust the length to the desired height to further improve convenience and control no matter how challenging the area you are working on may pose to be.

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