The Best Cordless Lawnmowers of 2021 – A UK Buyers Guide

No matter the season, everyone can agree on the fact that nothing is more inviting than a neat lawn that’s just had its grass freshly groomed. Not only does it remove the unwanted growth of weeds but also gives the area that vibrant glow and scent reminiscent of better days.

Of course, the means of achieving this will greatly affect the results. Gone are the days of manual grass cutting with shears or even using the outdated corded and petrol lawnmower, we now have wireless lawnmowers, cordless strimmers and more. Battery technology has progressed so much that it is now possible to get hours of reliable grass chopping power without being limited by a mains supply or petrol.

Enjoy innovative functions and feature-rich designs with these portable grass cutting solutions that not only offer great value for money but also improve your workflow with the efficiency you’re getting. Without further delay, here are the best cordless lawnmowers money can buy this 2021!

Best Cordless Lawnmowers 2021 – Recommendations

Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2X

If you’re looking for an effective lawn clearing solution that’s cordless and will do the job in the least time possible, the Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2X is a great option to start with. This powerful cordless lawnmower is easy to operate thanks to its fool-proof design – simply insert its beefy 40V lithium-ion battery and you’re good to go! The package includes two 2Ah batteries and a charger so you don’t have to purchase them separately, although you have the option to upgrade to a 4Ah battery pack if you so wish. With this cordless functionality, not only are tripping hazards and range limitations eliminated, but also help in preserving nature by reducing air pollution in the process.

The Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2X cordless lawnmower has a 2 in 1 mulching and mowing function. The latter allows you to dispose of the freshly-cut grass directly on the yard that you can instantly use as a natural fertilizer in case you have plants nearby that could use the nourishment. If you don’t want to deal with the mess, however, you always have the option to use the sizable 50L grass catcher bag for easy disposal when the job is done. As for landscaping functions, you can choose from five different cutting heights so your lawn can adapt to different seasons with ease.

The Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2X uses a high-grade steel blade for cutting grass while impact motor protection adds a layer of security to extend the lawnmower’s service lifespan. Moreover, its cutting deck is made of composite material for durability that lasts. To improve the user experience, this cordless lawnmower has a lightweight build, ergonomic handle, and rubber-coated wheels for maximum maneuverability and comfort whenever in operation.


The WORX WG779E cordless lawnmower has intuitive features that you can use to your advantage to make the process a whole lot easier. This lawnmower uses two powerful 4.0 Ah 20V lithium battery to provide extra power and runtime. It boasts its own production line of batteries that charge faster, has a longer service lifespan, but most importantly, is compatible with a modern WORX 20V tool. Back to the lawnmower, its Intellicut technology automatically adjusts the motor’s speed and power delivery depending on the grass thickness or resilience, resulting in consistent cutting performance no matter the situation.

You get six height settings to choose from with the WORX WG779E cordless lawnmower, ranging from the ultra-clean 20 mm to a fluffy 70 mm grass height, allowing the lawn to be adapted to any season or weather condition. It also sports an innovative deck design that offers close to edge cutting that makes trimming next to edges and walls more effective, leaving little to no growth when you make passes on the affected area. Two modes, Eco and Turbo, can be toggled depending on the cutting performance you need.

To keep your cutting trail tidy, the WORX WG779E cordless lawnmower has a 30L grass collector for easy disposal of trimmed weeds. As for ergonomics, it has a durable build quality that is evident in sight and feel, without sacrificing a lightweight profile that makes it highly maneuverable over most terrain. Charging time is on the long side, however, but we’re willing to look past it as the charger has two ports that can top up two batteries at the same time. Apart from that, the WORX WG779E can be stored conveniently thanks to its foldable design.

Bosch Rotak 430 LI

Another great option for a cordless lawnmower that can replace petrol and corded ones is the Bosch Rotak 430 L. This particular unit is powered by two 18v lithium-ion batteries to handle the juice delivery on your lawn clearing operation. While these battery packs aren’t as powerful as those that come with our suggestions above, this lawnmower is energy efficient to deliver consistent cutting performance without wasting power at all. It is equipped with a hardened steel blade that works in tandem with airflow technology to provide the best cutting action on even the most resilient of grass growth, all without comprising blade integrity and motor performance in any way.

The Bosch Rotak 430 L cordless lawnmower also sports a large cutting swath measuring 43 cm in width, which means doing fewer passes every time you need to trim your lawn. It also has an adapting terrain design on the dynamic motor that makes it easy to use over uneven ground. A grass comb is also outfitted on the unit to ensure clean cuts, especially when doing edges. As for cutting height adjustment, the Bosch Rotak 430 L has a single lever adjuster that allows you to choose between various heights that range from a close 20 mm option up to the conservative 70 mm height.

As for ergonomics and ease of use, the Bosch Rotak 430 L cordless lawnmower weighs in at 13.9 kilograms, making it easy to control wherever you want to go. Comfort is improved by the soft flex handles that allow you to push the unit without suffering from sore hands. Charging is relatively fast as well, as it goes from zero to full charge in a matter of 140 minutes, not to mention the inherent long battery life of these packs. Do note that while assembly doesn’t need any kind of special tools, the Bosch Rotak 430 L can pose a bit of a challenge for those who aren’t used to assembling appliances – although the included manual does help a lot in the process.


If you want powerful cutting performance for not a lot of money, the EGO LM1701E cordless lawnmower is worth the pick. It packs a powerful battery, overpowered in fact, in the form of a 56V arc lithium unit that provides more efficient and usable power versus the competition. These batteries are designed with a larger surface to dissipate heat more effectively and prevent potential shutdowns caused by overheating. Moreover, the batteries also charge in a matter of 30 minutes, making it one of the fastest top-up times on our list. It comes with a drawback, however, as the power supply isn’t as robust as the lower voltage batteries have, resulting in a shorter run than expected. This provides juice to the powerful yet quiet motor that also doesn’t break down easily versus its brushed counterparts.

That aside, however, the EGO LM1701E cordless lawnmower is one of the most effective grass cutting solutions around with its bundle of useful features and functions. First of all, it has a wide cutting swath of about 42 cm so you won’t have to make as many passes. Moreover, a single adjustment tool allows you to choose from multiple cutting heights that range from 25 cm to 80 cm, allowing you to landscape your lawn the way you want it to. The durable deck is crafted from a hard polymer material to ensure maximum resilience against physical factors and extending its service lifespan by a significant amount.

As for grass collection, the EGO LM1701E cordless lawnmower has a roomy 55L heavy-duty bag for easy disposal afterward. The collection bag has a full level indicator that lets you know when it’s time to empty, but you can also opt to mulch the freshly-cut grass should you want to use it as instant fertilizer. The manufacturer boasts 400 square meters of cutting coverage, but we’re taking this with a grain of salt due to how fast the batteries run out. This unit also has a bit of a heft to it, so be ready to wrestle it a bit when you want to relocate cutting areas.

Hyundai HYM40LI380P

The Hyundai HYM40LI380P cordless lawnmower offers viable grass cutting performance with its decent mix of features that make it a worthy competitor against our previous suggestions. This cordless lawnmower is powered by a 2.5 Ah 40V Samsung lithium-ion battery that provides around 30 minutes of power – while this might seem a bit short, the lawnmower is very capable of clearing small up to medium lawns with ease. Charging it back to full takes a good 80 minutes, and is built to last after a thousand charging cycles. Its 40V motor is powerful enough to cut through moderate to thick grass without creating an obnoxious noise level associated with most petrol units.

Furthermore, the Hyundai HYM40LI380P has a steel cutting blade that can easily mow down thick and tall grass. These can be replaced or even sharpened should you notice a decline in cutting performance. It also has a generous 38 cm cutting width that should net you fewer passes to save on battery life and overall mowing time, while you are given five cutting height options that range from 20 to 70 mm and are adjusted by a single lever for maximum convenience. You also have the choice to mulch the freshly-cut grass for fertilizing purposes or use the 40L collection bag for maximum convenience.

Webb Rotary Lawnmower

If you need to bring in the big guns for larger lawns, the Webb Rotary Lawnmower is a great solution to go with. This cordless lawnmower is a 40V beast and is powered by a 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 40 minutes to give you an impressive mowing run no matter the situation. Once depleted, it takes around 120 minutes to fill it back up – clearly not as fast as the competition, but you can get another battery pack to avoid delays on your cleaning schedule. The battery pack doesn’t self-discharge when not in use either, improving efficiency and service lifespan as a whole.

The Webb Rotary Lawnmower cordless lawnmower has a large 43 cm cutting width to provide maximum coverage on every pass, while the rugged ABS cutting deck protects to ensure that only grass can enter the blade area. Just like most lawnmowers, cutting height adjustment is facilitated by an accessible lever that allows you to choose between six settings that range from 23 and 77 mm.

Ergonomically speaking, we’re a bit torn with the Webb Rotary Lawnmower. The foam grips and maneuverable wheels improve ease of use, along with a foldable handle design that makes storage seamless. On the other hand, this cordless lawnmower is one of the heftiest in the lineup, weighing in at a considerable 26.6 kilograms. While this may mean requiring more force to push along, the added weight allows gravity to do the work on the rear rollers for that striped lawn aesthetic.