8 Best Artificial Grass Choices 2021 | UK Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Artificial grass has a host of landscaping properties. You can turn a simple area into a beautiful outdoor space without the high maintenance needs of natural grass. With synthetic grass, you are assured of durability and easy maintenance.

The artificial grass market keeps growing as manufacturers come up with more suitable products for varied applications. Although buyers get more variety, the numerous choices make selecting the best artificial grass a taxing endeavour.

Setting up an artificial lawn or playing field is a big investment that you cannot afford to take lightly. Your choice of product will not only dictate how suitable it is for the intended purpose but also how long it lasts. A simple guideline can avoid costly mistakes and give you the ideal product. So, what are some of the considerations when buying artificial grass?

UK Artificial Grass Buyer’s Guide


Before you can set the budget and begin comparing artificial grass, know what it is for.

Manufactured turf is built with specifications like height, weight and strengths that suit certain needs. The artificial grass used in a football field, for example, is more durable than a domestic lawn. Determining the usage will tell the amount of traffic that will be passing through the grass carpet.

A high traffic area demands a product that can withstand the constant abuse. If only a few feet will be stepping on the carpet, then you can have a luxurious piece without worrying about premature damage.

The usage will also help you pick the right material and texture of the turf. For instance, if children and pets will be spending a lot of time on the grass, then you must make sure that it is soft, non-allergic and non-abrasive.

Pile Height

How long do the blades have to be? This decision mostly depends on your aesthetic requirements. A turf with long blades has a lush green look that makes your artificial lawn look like the real thing. Experts recommend 30-37mm pile height for that natural appearance. If you want the grass to appear like it has just been freshly cut, then 25-30mm is perfect. Note that shorter piles can withstand more punishment than longer ones. A downside of having the blades too high is that after a while, they will succumb to gravity and bend, leaving the area looking flat. Correcting the grass when this happens takes significant work and time, which increases the cost of ownership.


Artificial grass is not all coloured the same even though it may seem like it. Products come in varying shades of green, giving buyers a healthy selection. Decide which shade most satisfies your needs. You don’t want a lawn that sticks out too much or distracts people from other details of the landscaping. It can be tempting to go with rich green, but the colour is only appropriate in some areas like a sports field or court.

When buying man-made turf for residential property, think about curb appeal. Find a hue that brings out the best features of your compound and exterior decoration. You can have grass with varying shades to match different parts of the outdoors.

When deciding on the colour, factor in the exposure to elements as well. The carpet will have to deal with sun exposure and dusty conditions that cause fading.

Pile Weight

The weight and density of the turf also influence its quality. Weight is usually critical when the green carpet is to be installed in an area where load-bearing properties of a structure are of consequence like on a rooftop bar or patio.

Products of higher quality will usually weigh more because they have better durability. The density is defined by the yarns that occupy each square metre. For this reason, the thickness will determine how lush the grass looks.

Besides appearance, usage will help with picking the right density. An ornamental lawn that doesn’t expect a lot of traffic can have a low density. High traffic requires a thick carpet that can absorb the pressure. Density also affects prices with thicker turf costing more than the thin alternative.

Other Considerations

The manufacturer is a fundamental buying criteria when it comes to artificial grass. Focus on experienced makers with a reputation for high-quality products. It would be wasteful to buy a nice artificial lawn and then have to replace it after a few months due to premature wear and tear.

Check if a product has undergone industry testing for harmful substances. Manufactured turf can be made with materials that may pose health risks. Credible brands will test their products to ensure high standards of safety.

Fire resistance is another property that you can add to your buying guide. In some environments like public play areas and commercial buildings, fire-resistant artificial lawns are common safety measures. You can ask if the fire-retardant tests used to certify the product adhere to European regulations.

Reviews of the Best Artificial Grass

With the guide for finding the best artificial turf, you can start browsing for available products. Some manufactured grass that makes the list include:

Preston 6mm Pile Height Artificial Grass

One of the top-selling manufactured turfs is the Preston 6mm, which gives a natural and plush look. It is soft and warm to walk on, making it an ideal installation in an area with children.

It is available in a choice of 70 sizes, which makes the artificial grass suitable for various environments from decking to front lawns. The backing is latex and has drainage holes that improve the water resistance of the grass carpeting. Its superior quality backing delivers a long-lasting product.

The grass is UV stabilised, meaning that it protects the material from fading due to sunlight exposure. Spills are easy to clean and brush.

The turf is sourced from manufacturers in The Netherlands and Belgium, guaranteeing customers of high standard products.

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Luxury 30mm Pile Height

This artificial grass easily transforms a home’s exterior without too much fuss. The set up is uncomplicated, and it leaves the outdoors looking great.

You can get over 45 sizes, depending on where you get it from. The yarns of this Luxury 30mm pile are easy to cut and shape, allowing a buyer various decoration options.

It assumes an almost natural appearance after installation, making the task of matching your garden, landscaping or terrace a simple one. The turf doesn’t require sand fill and offers excellent water drainage.

The fake grass can be used in environments frequented by children and pets due to its soft texture. It is also easy to walk on and can, therefore, be used in high traffic areas.

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Berlin 26mm Pile Height

A UV stabilised product that ensures the grass doesn’t lose it’s colour after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The Berlin 26mm is lush carpeting of green grass that doesn’t need sand fill. If the design calls for reshaping of the turf, the product is easy to cut with a knife or scissors and will resume shape after a short while.

Pets and children will enjoy playing on the grass because it has smooth yarns and plush cushioning. The turf is designed with sturdy backing that adds to its durability. For cleaning, you can use a garden hose and brush to remove debris stuck between the yarns. The artificial grass is European manufactured and of good quality.

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Premier 40mm Pile Height

This is high-density fake grass that is designed to cater to a myriad of landscaping needs.

It is available in 47 sizes, so you can buy it in various dimensions to suit a number of applications from ornamental use to landscaping.

As with all artificial grass, the Premier 40mm is easy to cut, making it possible to fit the turf around corners or other irregular shapes.

UV protection is one factor that affects the lifespan of manufactured grass. The UV stabilisation of this product allows it to withstand sunlight exposure without fading prematurely. It maintains a consistent appearance over a long period and doesn’t require sand fill.

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Prestige 35mm Pile Height

You can get pieces of the Prestige fake turf and join them to fit a large surface area such as paving. The material can be cut easily, allowing you to shape the grass carpet according to the surroundings. Laying the turf is simple, saving you the cost of a professional installation. The artificial grass can be laid on top of decking, concrete or tiled surfaces.

Available in more than 40 sizes, the fake turf offers application variety. The quality of the grass is average, compared to others in the same category. It delivers a good-looking carpet that drains water adequately through the holes in the backing.

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Dundee 10mm Pile Height

The grass is available in pieces of 2×1.5mm and 46 other sizes. When laid on the chosen surface, the manufactured turf gives a lush appearance that is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit or walk on. These properties make this grass carpet ideal for an environment that has pets and children.

The high density and quality backing of the product guarantees a durable product. It doesn’t demand a lot of maintenance – a simple brush and hosing down with water will rid the grass of dust and other contaminants.

The UV protection minimises the risk of fading as a result of exposure to sunlight.

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Zaragoza 30mm Pile Height

Another highly water resistant artificial grass product that is designed for various applications is the Zaragoza 30mm.

It comes in a number of size varieties, which offers a wide product selection for buyers. If you get it in a bigger size than necessary, it can easily be cut to size with a razor, knife or scissors.

A big plus point of the product is the minimal maintenance requirements. You don’t have to invest in costly cleaning agents or even a professional service to keep the fake turf looking good.

The rubber back of the grass eliminates the need for adhesive when laying on concrete and other surfaces.

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Lisbon 26mm Pile Height

This product can be set in a garden, on decking or the front lawn without hiring a professional fitter. Even though the material is easy to reshape by cutting it to size, it is also durable.

You can lay out the manufactured grass in an area with moderate traffic. The lush, soft and attractive turf is pet and child-friendly. Because it is comfortable to walk on, the grass carpet can be used at events so that guests don’t run their shoes on concrete.

Degradation from water damage is always a concern, and this artificial grass addresses that with water-resistant backing and holes that help with drainage.

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In Conclusion

The best artificial grass will depend on how well a product meets your requirements. If the fake turf will be used on a deck beside a swimming pool or hot tub, for example, you must focus on the drainage properties and density of the product. Insist on superior quality when picking artificial grass.